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About Mathilda
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 Mathilda Ragnhilda Doolittle es un animal muy importante. The painting below is a self-portrait she did awhile ago in Impressionistic style. Mathilda is not one of those dogs who run away. On the contrary, she not only never leaves you, she never leaves you alone and won't let you run away. She is highly intelligent. I talk to her in complete sentences and she understands what I say. If she could talk, she'd drive you nuts. She watches TV. She likes looking out the window at people walking by the house. She's great at running down tossed balls or flying frisbees and flinging herself into the air to catch them. If asked, she would run a hundred miles a day keeping the geese off the golf course across the street. She's a tough farm animal, but she's also as tender as a lamb (possibly because she eats so much lamb). She'd be a good role model for today's women. She's the best kind of "Bully Broad," a bossy dog who is good at managing others without seeming bossy. When her water bowl is empty, she turns it upside down and sits by it. I fill it gladly, without being told to do it. When we walk around the lake together, beautiful women often comment to me on how beautiful she is. They seem to want to be like her. They wish (dream) they could be walking around the lake with me. :-) Is Mathilda, Wonder Dog the greatest dog in the history of the world? If so -- and there is a growing consensus that indeed she is -- it hasn't gone to her head. She still is quite happy flying coach class in the seat beside her travel companion and has never, not once, complained about airline food.

Announcement. We've finally gotten around to launching our new webzine/blawg: BurtLaw's The Daily Judge:

It is not an online newspaper and is not affiliated with or intended to be mistaken for any existing or previously-existing newspaper or journal. Rather, it is a so-called "blawg," a law-related personal "web log" or "blog," one with a subjective, idiosyncratic, and eccentric sociological and social-psychological slant that focuses not on the latest judicial decisions of supposed great importance but on a) the institution of judge in the United States and in other countries throughout the world, b) the judicial office and role, c) judicial personalities, d) the great common law tradition of judging as practiced here and throughout the world, e) judges as judges, f) judges as ordinary people with the usual mix of virtues and flaws, etc. We link to newspapers and other sources in order to alert the reader to ideas, articles, stories, speeches, law books, literary works and other things about "judges" that have interested us and that may interest the reader.

We don't promote our blawgs, but readers of this blog and of our affiliated political opinion blog, BurtonHanson.Com, may be interested in it. We don't think there is another blawg quite like it.